Starbucks has added a lighter roast coffee to its current lineup of drinks and products, the company announced Tuesday.

The introduction of the new "Starbucks Blonde Roast" is a major move aimed at reaching a large number of consumers in the United States that prefer lighter coffee.

"We recognized the unmet consumer need for a super-premium light roast coffee, and our coffee developers went to work to craft a great-tasting, quality lighter roast coffee we are proud to stand behind," Cliff Burrows, president of the Americas for Starg bucks said in a statement, according to the Associated Press.

Starbucks is better known for dark-roasted coffee drinks and products.

The new Starbucks Blonde Roast will hit stores' shelves and coffee shops in January.

5 Health Benefits from Coffee:

Source of Antioxidants

Coffee is a great source of antioxidants and has four times the antioxidant content of green tea, according to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes

Research has found that coffee also reduces the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. A study at Harvard University School of Public Health found the risk of developing type 2 diabetes could be cut in half in men and reduced by 30 percent in women.

Can reduce risk of Parkinson's Disease

Coffee drinking can also help prevent Parkinson’s Disease. According to at least six independent studies, people who drink coffee on a regular basis are to 80 percent less likely to develop Parkinson’s. Three of the studies also show that the more they drink, the lower the risk.

Boosts Performance

Coffee is known to be a performance booster. Caffeine in coffee improves performance and endurance during prolonged, exhaustive exercise, according to a study published in Current Sports Medicine Reports.

Increases Men Fertility

A Brazilian study has determined that drinking a few cups of coffee a day will also increase male fertility. According to scientists at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the caffeine in coffee appears to increase sperm “motility,” that is, the speed at which they move. Since sperm “hyperactivity” is critical to fertilization, heightened motility increases the odds of pregnancy.

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