How can you stay motivated day after day and week after week to try and meet your goals? People talk a lot about diet and exercise but the mental aspect is very important to being successful in your goals as well.

What separates those people who look amazing in the gym from those who don't? Is it money, genetics, or the perfect routine? More than likely they have a better focus on their goal than you do. That is the way it is in a lot of areas; people with the most desire end up reaching their goals because they continually put forth the needed effort to get there.

But that doesn't mean you can't learn some of the ways successful people stay motivated.

Keys to Motivation

  • Clear Goals - First and foremost you need a very clear goal of what you want to accomplish. It might be something specific like finishing a 10k in a certain time. Or you might have a picture of exactly what you want to look like. No matter what it needs to be very specific so you understand what the end result will be.
  • Have a Plan - You can't reach the goal without a clearly defined plan. Make sure there are clear steps or stages to get from the start to the finish so you can track your progress and have smaller, attainable goals to reach on the way. But avoid putting too much pressure to get from point A to point B in a certain time because if you miss it then it becomes a mental let-down. Instead try and get there as fast as you can and be happy when you are there.
  • Daily Affirmation - This is a big key that a lot of the most successful people in all walks do. At some point in their morning routine they have a positive affirmation session. Basically you are reminding yourself what the big goal is as well as the small goals for that day. Then you reaffirm that you can do it and deserve to do it. This starts you off on the right foot each day mentally and helps to keep focus all day. You can also do quick affirmations during the day if it helps.
  • Honest Review - It is hard to be honest with yourself. But it is very necessary to face the brutal truth. Assess yourself each week and see how you are doing. Think about how you can improve if you need to or just congratulate yourself for a great job. Then adjust the plan as needed after assessing things.

The Bottom Line

The perfect workout program and most well-tailored diet don't mean much if you can't mentally put yourself in position to use those tools properly. Keeping on track, staying focused at the gym, eating what you should, and doing everything it takes to achieve goals is very hard. But everyone has it within them to accomplish something if they truly want to. offers great health, fitness, and bodybuilding information to help you meet your goals. Visit us on google plus for more.