Rejected lots of Kimberly-Clark Corporation tampons have been stolen and sold to stores, an advisory from the company said.

The Dallas-based company said that lots of Kotex Natural Balance* Security® Tampons may pose a public health risk. The tampons might have imperfect raw materials, presence of metallic particles and increased levels of bacteria. The defective products were stolen and distributed between October 1, 2011 and June 28, 2012. The products were sent for destruction by the company, but thieves stole the products and sold them to retailers.

Kimberly-Clark said that it has received no complaints about the tampons yet.

The company said that consumers can call contact K-C at 877-485-6839 for instructions on where to send the defective products in return for a full refund. Consumers are advised to stop using the products if they feel it might be defective and contact their physician immediately.

How the products were stolen and later sold now involves the criminal investigation division of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The public can help in the investigation by reporting any information about the case to the FDA's Office of Criminal Investigations by visiting or by calling 800-521-5783.

Kimberly-Clark has said that the following lot numbers can be found on the defective tampons. These lot codes can be located on the red box on the bottom of the carton.

Kotex Natural Balance* Regular Absorbency Security® Tampons

Carton count 18: AC209621X; AC209622X

Carton count 36: AC209625X

Kotex Natural Balance* Super Absorbency Security® Tampons

Carton count 36: AC127423X; AC209623X; AC209624X

Kotex Natural Balance* Super Plus Absorbency Security® Tampons

Carton count 18: AC127322X; AC127422X; AC213822X; AC213922X; AC214022X; AC214322X

Carton count 36: AC127424X; AC206824X; AC207824X