Addiction is a terrible thing, and although controlled substances are the usual object of obsession, a person can become addicted to literally anything. There is no better example of this than Robert Wells, a man addicted to drinking other people’s urine, particularly from young children.

A main component of addiction, as listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is “continued use of drug despite harm.” For Wells, his addiction led him to be slapped with a child sex-offender charge, and he's now facing five years in prison, Gawker reported. “I couldn’t believe they had created a charge like that out of collecting urine,” said Wells in a clip from Investigation Discovery’s My Strange Criminal Addiction.

Still, despite these harsh consequences, Wells' behavior persists. His fascination with urine is not sexually based but built around a strange fantasy that drinking the urine of children will prevent him from ever aging. To be noted, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that anything will keep a person looking forever youthful. It’s unclear where Wells originally got the idea for his take on the fountain of youth.

“Robert is not a pedophile. Robert has a delusional belief. His end game is the urine. That is really all he wants,” Dr. Mike Dow, an addiction specialist, explained in the clip.

Wells lusts for the freshest batch of urine in the same way a drug addict would desire the best and purest hit. The middle-aged man admits to knowing that going out to collect urine from unknowing, and most importantly underage “donors,” was morally wrong. Unfortunately, like other addicts, this is not enough to keep him from satisfying his urges.