Looking for a humane way to stop your dogs from procreating without the use of surgery? The Stud Stopper is considered the most effective non-surgical, non-chemical form of male dog birth control, and it’s even gaining approval from veterinarians.

“As a vet I always recommend spaying and neutering first but sometimes it’s not a viable option and so I HIGHLY recommend the STUD STOPPER as a safe alternative birth control method,” said veterinarian Dr. Collins from Hampton, Va.

Stud Stopper creators, David and Tina Moody, were faced with a bittersweet situation when they first got married. David’s male Yorkies could not leave Tina’s female Yorkies alone when the females were in heat.

“When females are in heat, all they want is to be together, and they cry and cry and cry,” Tina told Vetstreet.com.

“One day, David thought of a way their dogs could still be together and simulate mating, but not actually ‘connect.’”

Stud Stopper
Chastity belt for dogs. StudStopper.com

Similar to a chastity belt for dogs, the Stud Stopper fits comfortably around your male dog’s midsection, safeguarding against penetration during mating. A vinyl coating on the back side of the plate prevents splatter when the dog has to relieve itself.

Stud Stopper
Chastity belt for dogs. StudStopper.com

To ensure that dogs of all sizes and shapes fit comfortably into their Stud Stopper, both Amazon and the company’s website offer the waistband in five different sizes to fit dogs weighing anywhere from 4 lbs. to 120 lbs. It even comes in eight natural colors to match your dog’s fur.

“The dog can still be himself. He can groom and use the restroom; he doesn’t care that it’s there because it’s not uncomfortable or in his way,” Tina explained to Vetstreet.com.

“There are other solutions but none that are quite right: You can put a diaper on a female or try doggy condoms. They even have chastity belts. Some people resort to using the potty-training belly band as birth control, but I don’t like that because the dog can’t pee.”

Spaying or ovariohysterectomy is when a female dog’s entire reproductive tract, including the uterus and ovaries, is permanently removed via a surgical procedure. As this is a permanent and irreversible decision, the Stud Stopper could be a more viable option.