As if teachers' jobs of dealing with children all day were not enough, one teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina called the police because she suspected that someone had spiked her coffee. Her inclination turned out to be correct: her drink had been spiked with butt-enhancement pills.

The 61-year-old teacher at Independence High School teaches technical education. She believed that the pills had been placed in her beverage at around 10 that morning. The school did not detail the student's punishment, but it appeared that the student to blame had been caught and disciplined according to the district's code of conduct.

According to the police report filed about the incident, the police officer found a container holding Gluteboost with one full capsule and three empty ones. It is unclear how the police officers discovered the capsules, or whether charges will be filed.

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It is unclear what led up to the incident, but the teacher believed that the perpetrator was someone in her classroom. However, it could have been worse. This is not the first time that students have received news coverage for putting something in a teacher's drink.

Last year, a student in Oakland, California slipped dry-erase cleaning fluid into the teacher's coffee, which the teacher immediately spit out. Allegedly, the prank was retaliation for the fact that the teacher had caught the student with alcohol on-campus earlier that school year. While the teacher was unharmed and refused to press charges, authorities considered pressing an assault charge.

In Tennessee four years ago, three eighth graders put hand sanitizer into a teacher's Styrofoam cup of coffee. The teacher drank the beverage and became nauseous, though she did not need medical attention and returned to school the following day.