Need more sleep? Paint your walls blue. Want more sex? Decorate your room in caramel tones.

A survey that was conducted in 2,000 homes in the United Kingdom asked participants how color affects various bedroom activities.

The survey was conducted by Travelodge, and found that found that people who sleep in rooms painted yellow, blue, or green get the best night's sleep. People who sleep in blue rooms got close to eight hours of sleep, according to the Daily Mail. And people who slept in purple bedrooms got the least amount of sleep, clocking in at less than six hours.

"Purple has a strong connection with the more artistic community being a color reported to stimulate creativity and the unconscious mind," said Suzy Chiazzari, a color therapy and holistic interior design consultant. "Therefore sleeping in a purple room is more likely to promote vivid dreams or even nightmares; resulting in you feeling tired in the morning."

The study also found that couples who sleep in bedrooms decorated in red have sex less often that couples who have bedrooms decorated in caramel.

Travelodge interior designer Francis Whitley said, "Room color does influence your mood and set the tone for your living environment. Therefore, it's important to choose a bedroom décor that will help you relax and induce sleep."

The survey was part of a Travelodge initiative to change the look of the hotel's rooms. In doing so, the interior designer is working with customers to create rooms that support their many needs.

"[Guests] are no longer happy with everything being the same color," said Whitley. "Tastes are also moving away from dark shades; today hotel users want a clean, fresh and calming color scheme."