It’s true, your hair really does affect how you feel. When you are fresh out of the salon or the barbershop, you feel a sense of confidence you didn’t have when your hair was a sloppy mess. Many homeless people don’t get that luxury of a fresh style, and instead sit on the streets with their hair matted — some haven’t had haircuts in weeks, months, or even years. Stylist Mark Bustos has decided to change that. Every Sunday, he spends his only day off from work cutting hair for the homeless, the Huffington Post reported.

"If we all do one random act of kindness daily, we just might set the world in the right direction", said the 30-year-old stylist from Three Squares Studio on Instagram. People have become inspired by the work he does, commenting on his Instagram about how wonderful he is for the work he does. Without a worry for what others think, he’s not out on the streets seeking attention, he just wants to show others that everyone deserves to be treated equally.

Bustos became inspired to cut hair for the homeless after visiting his family in the Philippines in May 2012. He saw many children living in poverty, and thought of a way he could make a difference. He rented a chair from a barbershop, and started giving the children fresh hairstyles. He took the same idea to New York City and other parts of the world, including Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Los Angeles.

Because of Bustos, the homeless not only get a nice new look, they get a friendly smile and food too. Bustos is often accompanied by his girlfriend, who asks people what they would like to eat. Among the things Bustos has done, he’s fixed a homeless mother’s hair on Mother’s Day (a precious gift), while one man was so pleased with his new cut that he felt confident enough to go look for a job. With every cut, Bustos changes a life.