A receding hairline, the greying of your hair, a protruding belly, wrinkles and so on and so forth – yes, these are the signs of aging. And while the process of aging is inevitable, the best that most of us can do is slow the aforementioned signs of aging as much as possible, and so, here is a list of tips that can help you combat anti-aging effectively:

Anti-aging Herbs

Rhodiola, Maca and Ginseng are herbs that either indirectly or directly impact anti-aging. While these herbs reduce stress while not having any side-effects unlike other types of medicine, this can contribute greatly to slowing the aging process.

Yoga, Meditation and Exercise

If you’ve noticed the people who are regular practitioners of these forms of exercise and fitness, they always look much younger than their actual age (take Madonna, for example). While yoga has been known to cause flexibility and bring calmness to one’s mind, exercise, on the other hand, results in helping one to build muscle and burn fat thus keeping one slim and fit long into the time after they have crossed the age of retirement.

Maintaining a strict Diet

While most fitness gurus clearly suggest that the maximum benefits from exercise cannot be gained if we are not careful with our diet, and this translates to those extra calories that you cannot do without.

Natural Skin Care

Keeping our skin clean using natural products can remove dead skin cells and dirt that can often accumulate and make you look years older. And this is due to the fact that your skin will not only look soft and look cleaner you will find that your skin glows as well.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

In consulting a certified medical practitioner, who will put you on a course of hormonal replacement therapy (HRT), this will help your body to get adjusted to aging as well, while not only increasing one’s sex drive but also improving the texture of one’s skin and so on and so forth.