A 14-lb. baby — nearly twice the size of most normal-sized babies — was born to a couple in Boston Tuesday.

Caroline and Bryan Ruscak did not expect their baby to be so large, and neither did the doctors, who all gasped when she was delivered at Massachusetts General Hospital. The staff says the baby, Carisa, is the largest baby to be born there in a decade. “Everyone in the operating room was like, ‘Oh my God, look at the size of this baby! Let’s get her on the scale. What does she weight?’ Nobody could believe it,” Caroline told the Daily Mail.

The baby is 22 inches long and weighs nearly 14.5 lbs., the size of a typical 6-month-old, and just a few ounces lighter than a “super-sized” baby that was born in the hospital 12 years ago. Caroline said she had been stopped on the street during her pregnancy and asked if she was having twins. She told CBS Boston that “we’re bigger people in general. It just makes sense.”

Other exceptionally big babies include a 16-lb. boy born in California, breaking the record for the heaviest infant in the state. Before him, Andrew Jacob was born weighing 15 lbs. and measuring 24 inches long, in California.