New advent of swine flu deaths were reported in the UK early September this year and Britain is apparently thinking of its resurgence this coming winter season in the whole of Europe, health authorities averred. The Health Protection Agency expects that this is so as H1N1 flu strain which happened last year would seemingly strike this winter.

The recent deaths were attributed to influenza infection (two with the disease), eight of which reported as influenza AH1N1. England seems to be on the frontline as other European countries are just starting to see the disease’s activity in their respective areas. The government warned those who are already affected with a disease as these people are the ones who are most likely to be prone to the disease’s reemergence.

It was in Mexico that swine flu has surfaced, and went on to spread to Britain. The disease has been reported to toll more than a hundred thousand cases in a week’s time before the virus was declared to be pandemic. Seasonal flu, flu B and H1N1 have seen its tolls. Even in schools, patients were hospitalized on accounts of flu outbreaks.

Vaccination was recommended for those who were at risk of heart, kidney and liver problems, the elderly and pregnant women. The summer saw the decrease in numbers of cases in 2009 and regained momentum with the coming of autumn. As the weather cooled, the disease chanced itself to flourish. As school began in September, many experienced the virus’ wrath. On the following months, as vaccines were already disseminated, its effects on people were slowed down.

The swine flu epidemic took over the lives of 494 people from 2009 until April of 2010. The World Health Organization has declared the disease as pandemic in August of 2009, just more than a year of its dreaded attack after another virus spread its damage affecting people from around the world. People were panic-stricken and stressed out with the idea that anybody can catch the disease at any time, anywhere. Travels were so stressful for those who did not have the illness as everybody have to quarantine if coming from a country with the epidemic, crossing to another country that is not yet affected. Travel has been found to be one of the causes of spreading the disease worldwide.

Disembarking from an airline coming from, example, Britain requires passengers to be quarantined and luggage sanitized first before releasing them from the airport. This pandemic has caused chaos worldwide and before it began to fizzle out, it has affected hundreds of thousands of lives to date.

These days though, there is a new scare and this disease is re-emerging and might even reinvent itself into another relatively-dreaded viral infection; even with the vaccinations that had been given by the government and other private sectors, it is not impossible that it could further harm a good number of people. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating the right foods can make one shielded from any harm a disease can offer.