Hernia Surgery Leaves Man With 80-Pound Swollen Scrotum; He And His Wife File $1M Lawsuit

Surgery left one man with a severely swollen scrotum. Pixabay Public Domain

A man and his wife are suing Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest after the man underwent a hernia operation that caused his scrotum to swell to 80 pounds, according to Courthouse News Service.

In the complaint, the man claims he went to Kaiser in May 2011 because of testicle pain and ended up being diagnosed with a bilateral inguinal hernia. The man, whose name the news service has withheld, had surgery to remove the groin hernia a few months later. Ultimately, the surgery lead to him losing his left testicle, but before that happened he experienced “significant testicle and scrotal pain and swelling, his scrotum at one point swelling to 80 pounds and over 48 [inches] in diameter,” according to the complaint.

The man returned to Kaiser on several occasions between 2011 and 2014 seeking treatment, but says they did nothing for him. Finally, the patient went to another doctor who immediately referred him to a specialist for corrective surgery. Unfortunately, one of the man’s testicles could not be saved. He says he is now sterile.

The couple is seeking $1 million in damages for medical malpractice and $77,760 for lost wages. The complaint alleges that Kaiser failed to diagnose and treat the condition and failed to refer him to another clinician that would. The man is claiming emotional distress and his wife  says she is not able to conceive a child with him.

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