Can't skip the foundation cream even before the gym? It might be worth a second thought, as recent research suggests that having makeup on while exercising can impact your skin health.

Published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, the study investigated the impact of aerobic exercise on skin and pores, comparing individuals with and without makeup. The findings revealed that cosmetic foundation leads to clogged pores, potentially sparking acne breakouts.

"There is a growing trend of people wearing makeup while exercising. This research suggests significance in studying the changes in the skin condition of individuals who wear makeup while exercising," said Dongsun Park, corresponding author of the study.

"According to this study, wearing heavy makeup like cream foundation during exercise can potentially lead to skin problems such as clogged pores due to sweat accumulation. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for lighter makeup or oil-free products to maintain healthy skin during exercise," Park added.

The researchers studied 43 healthy college students, applying foundation cream to one side of their faces in two distinct areas — the forehead and upper cheek — while leaving the other half of the face as a control.

Following exercise, the researchers observed an increase in moisture in both the areas without makeup and those with makeup. However, the makeup zones had a more pronounced increase, suggesting that makeup may have prevented the moisture evaporation from the skin.

The elasticity of the skin increased after exercise. But this was more noticeable in non-makeup zones. The pores on makeup-free skin saw a notable increase in size, whereas pores on skin with makeup showed no significant changes. This suggests that makeup might have blocked the pores.

The oil levels of the skin increased in the non-makeup zones while it decreased in the makeup zones, suggesting that it may be difficult to maintain proper oil levels on the skin when wearing makeup.

"The findings suggest that using foundation cream during aerobic exercise can reduce skin oil, causing dryness. Additionally, makeup can clog pores and increase sebum production. Therefore, wearing makeup may not be recommended for people with dry skin conditions based on the results of the current study. This research offers important insights to the public, encouraging them to consider the possible consequences of using makeup while exercising," the researchers wrote.

"For skin health, it's best to exercise with your makeup removed," Park said in a news release.