The period immediately following the birth of a child — postpartum — can be a trying time for any new mother, emotionally and physically. Even among women who don’t require a C-section, many who give birth are left with a rounded midsection resembling what it was when they were around six months pregnant. Some are also left with dark lines down their abdomen, known as linea nigra, as well as a web of stretch marks caused by extensive stretching of the skin.

Although stretch marks and linea negra become less noticeable around six to 12 months after delivery, in many cases they never completely disappear. In a society that demands perfection, especially when it comes to the female body, these pregnancy scars are sadly frowned upon, even if they represent the gift of life. In hopes of lifting the stigma associated with postpartum “mombods,” new mothers are using social media to #takebackpostpartum.