Tammy Jung strives for physical perfection like most 23-year-old women, except her own idea of beauty amounts to a specific 300 lb. weight gain.

The Los Angeles resident, who once weighed 112 lbs. as a teenager, has been force feeding herself 5,000 calories a day in order to reach her ideal weight of 420 pounds. Why would any woman throw away her slender frame in an effort to intentionally become overweight? Tammy has aspirations of becoming an online fetish model specializing as a "big beautiful woman."

The unhealthy benefits of binge eating on food such as doughnuts, blocks of cheese, and fried chicken are fairly well-defined. Foods that are packed with calories but low in protein and other beneficial nutrients can cause a bevy of health concerns, especially when eaten in such high quantities.

Tammy is at the point where she has her boyfriend, 28-year-old Johan Uberman, funnel a milkshake down her gullet to help reach her daily goal of 5,000 calories, Mirror.com.uk reported.

Imminent health issues are the last thing on Tammy's mind, who said she knows it's controversial, but has never felt happier with her goals.

So what does Tammy's daily food intake actually entail? We'll have her run you through that laundry list:

"I start the day with a huge breakfast of waffles, cream cheese, bacon and sausage then head to McDonalds for a few burgers in the afternoon. [...] I can snack on cheese all day, a couple of blocks is no problem, then for dinner I'll either eat pizzas or make Mexican food. [...] At the end of the day I make a weight gain shake from heavy whip cream and a whole tub of ice cream, which Johan feeds me through a funnel."

"The funnel forces me to drink the shake even when I'm full after a day of eating," she added.