For the past decade and change, Maryland tattoo artist Vinnie Myers has catered to a very specific and often forgotten clientele: breast cancer survivors who have lost or damaged their nipples to mastectomies.

While plastic surgery has advanced to the point where the contour of a breast can be reliably and faithfully replicated with implants, the same can't be said for the distinct patterning of the nipple and surrounding areola. Even when women choose to have their nipples reconstructed by elevating the tissue nearby, the results are often lacking because the shading of the new nipple isn't up to snuff.

That's why Vinnie and his roster of tattoo artists (who Medical Daily has covered before) have stepped in to fill the gap by providing these women 3D nipple/areola tattoos. Though the tattoos are still flat to the touch, Vinnie's clients have overwhelmingly been thrilled by the restoration of their nipples' shape and pigment. Here's a look, courtesy of Myers himself, at some of their best work.