Tracking the well-being of elderly loved ones can now be done with the click of the mouse thanks to a San Francisco-based startup company.

The activity-sharing technology offered by the startup Lively allows for a cost-effective and non-time consuming alternative to checking up on the elderly without disparaging their self-reliance.

"Studies have shown that living independently encourages successful aging for older adults through improved self-esteem, health and life satisfaction," said Lively board member and director of the Stanford Center on Longevity, Laura Carstensen.

"Yet this can be a challenge for extended family who feel responsible for the care of their elders as they're often 'sandwiched' between their aging parents and own children, while balancing jobs and parenting."

Lively uses some of the most modern technology to give families the opportunity to check up on an older relative who is living independently. The company's system works by outfitting the senior's home and keychain with special monitoring devices that track their movements.

These sensors are placed in various parts of the house such as cabinets, the refrigerator, wall outlets, the oven and other home appliances to help family members know where and what an elderly family member is doing.

The information picked up by a sensor is relayed via cell phone towers back to Lively's operating system through what's called the "Lively Hub." Users can also access the whereabouts of loved ones on the go with the Lively smart phone application.

Another feature of this product is "LivelyGram" which allows users to take photos that can be easily shared and printed for future family generations.

Lively's Chief Operating Officer, CEO, David Glickman said "The general idea is activity sharing. We created an experience that shares daily patterns in a way that is not too intrusive or over sharing."

The company is currently raising funds through their Kickstarter account by offering $99 "pre-order pledges." Orders will be shipped by the end of June.