You’ve got your nutrition chart and well laid diet plan, but the wedding party or simply your restricted senses can throw you off. Research shows that too strict a regime can derail your diet best practices. Instead of going on a guilt trip try these simple steps to stay on the right track.

1) Eat before you go to a party: If you keep your hunger pangs in check, then it is unlikely that you will be tempted for second helpings at a social event. Eating a small healthy meal at home before going to a dinner party so that you won’t be hungry and then you can either skip the eating aspect or have only few things from the menu at the event.

2) Keep small snacks or a fruit with you if you are going to be out during lunch hour. If hunger hits you when you are out and about it is very easy to give in to unhealthy temptations that you will pay for later.

3) Find alternatives to food that are restricted in your diet plan. This will help you fight the feeling of deprivation. It is essential to find alternatives, so that you will not feel deprived. If you are feeling deprived you will be more likely to cheat.

4) Reward yourself for sticking to your diet plan. Do this once a week. Eat something that you are usually not allowed to have. Treat yourself with a nice dessert. Have a healthy sweet to fight your sugar craving. Replace regular sweets with things such as dates, bananas, raisins, maple syrup, barley malt etc. These sweets are whole foods and will not damage the body.

5) Exercise regularly, at least 3 times a week for 20 minutes. It not only burns off calories, but it improves immune function, and boosts self-esteem by stimulating our happy hormones. Exercise is essential.

6) Have a diet buddy that way you can talk to your friend when the moment of weakness hits you or you are going through a guilty phase. Have your friend remind you of your goals.

7) Fight your cravings. Remember it only lasts a few minutes. Find something else to do or drink a glass of water. Remind yourself that you will be able to have your reward on your specified day. Ride it out. After you ride it out a few times, it will become easier. Reframe your thinking.

8) Set achievable weight targets. Know your body’s rate of metabolism. If you have unrealistic expectations from your body, you are most likely to give up your diet plan.

9) Give vent to your emotions. Express yourself regularly. Keeping emotions pent up can cause you to eat unconsciously. Do activities that make you happy to boost your self-esteem. If self-esteem is low you will be more likely to give in to cravings.

10) Forgive yourself. When you give in to your temptations don’t beat yourself up for it. Forgive yourself and let it go immediately. Just start over again. No harm down. To criticize will only be self-defeating.