Are you one of those that dread the dentist’s chair? But that’s where you will end up if you are not careful with your dental care.

Even though are teeth are protected by the enamel – the hardest substance in our body – which can bear the constant brunt of biting, chewing and crunching; it does get damaged over time due to acids from food, tea, coffee and using your teeth as a bottle opener.

Enamel can get chipped or cracked and these can make your pearlies sensitive and vulnerable to further damage. The sad news is that enamel cannot grow back. So take heed and caring for your teeth each day. There are the ten crucial facts you need to know about your teeth:

1. Dentin is the white layer underneath the translucent enamel that gives your teeth the whiteness. As the enamel gets eroded and dentin gets exposed your tooth can become sensitive. Whitening toothpastes can harm your enamel.

2. Acids from food and bacteria can literally shrink the size of your tooth by eroding the enamel and whole tooth.

3. Sipping and swishing wine, cola or soda around your mouth for long can cause acid production the mouth which can erode the enamel.

4. Acidity and vomiting can harm your teeth. When the acid from your stomach gets into your mouth which can cause decay.

5. Avoid getting your mouth dry, which can aggravate a tooth problem. Drink enough water at regular intervals to wash out acid in your mouth.

6. Teeth grinding in your sleep can hurt your teeth. The constant clenching and friction can wear down the enamel. It is generally brought on by stress, so reducing stress can help in protecting your teeth.

7. Avoid using your teeth like a bottle opener; it can chip your teeth.

8. Reduce your dental decay by cleaning your mouth after every meal. Brush your teeth in a circular motion for three minutes to clean it well.

9. Use a dental floss rather than a toothpick to clean between your teeth. You can hurt your gums with a toothpick.

10. Basic white toothpastes are better than gel formulations. Use a soft to medium brush to clean your teeth. Change your brush every two to three months.