Testogen, a 100% natural product, is appropriate for any man interested in his health and wellness.

This article offers a good chance to have a good look and find important information on this nutritional aiming at stimulating the male hormone testosterone.

In addition anyone interested on the justification of using Testogen, you’ll find everything in the lines below.

The gradual reduction of testosterone production by the organism is a fact happening to every man growing up from the age of 30 onwards (if not earlier in rare cases).

It is obvious that this is a product not concerning older men only, but everyone.

Libido, in addition to man's sex life and associated to his health (physical and psychological), is also highly related to his physique, as testosterone enhances muscle gains.

The usefulness of such a supplement, along with its real potential demonstrated in the best way via the topics shown below:

• Testogen – what it is

• Why needed by every man

• How it works

• Ingredients contained and independent action of them

• Testogen and its website – are they safe?

• Available in retail stores?

• To who is addressed?

• Period necessary for observing results

• How I understand the low Testosterone levels

• Difference of Testogen with Synthetic Testosterone Supplements

• Offers permanent results?

• Testogen - Main disadvantage

• The Company's brand new product

• Place of purchase – Price

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Testogen – What is it? - All Info you Need

At very first what we notice on its very careful packaging, is that this is a booster of muscle strength and sexual performance, with 3-fold action (as printed on the etiquette)

It is an over-the-counter (legal) supplement with 100% natural composition, aiming at the safe increase of the produced testosterone hormone by organism.

Thousands of satisfied Testogen users around the world offer their testimony that it works, so we only have to prove it.

Why needed by every man?

This product with its natural formula boosts the organism to behave like a younger one (producing a larger amount of the male hormone testosterone ).

However, boosting the testosterone produced has multiple benefits for the male body (of every man):

• increases libido

• improves sexual performance

• improves athletic performance

• Increases muscle gain (and reduces muscle loss over time)

• protects lean muscle mass (especially when losing weight)

• increases mental clarity

• boosts self-confidence

• promotes good mood

• improves fitness and health status significantly

• promotes prosperity and longevity

Testogen – How it works

No miracles are possible, so you better quit reading in case you believe the opposite.

On the same line of thought, Testogen is not a magic filter as presented by many reviewers, but a well designed nutritional supplement which based on the ingredients contained promotes boosting of the testosterone produced by the organism., at any age, any man and at any physical condition.

Testogen contains no testosterone as an ingredient, so this is not a testosterone supplement, but a testosterone boosting supplement in a natural (non-chemical) way.

This is the difference that makes sense.

Its 11 natural ingredients work in a way to "rejuvenate" the man's body, fighting the natural aging occurring with time.

Testogen - Ingredients contained and their individual action

The difference of this supplement as mentioned above relies on its ingredients and this is the point we are going to discuss carefully, justifying if could offer everything claimed by its manufacturers.

testogen-ingredients-ingredient-profile testogen

Besides, we have to point out that all its ingredients are carefully selected, of the highest quality, safe and tested, a fact certified by all the necessary safety and quality accreditations received by the product.

This composition of the 11 natural ingredients of Testogen promotes:

• muscle strength

• muscle rebuilding

• burning body fat

• enhance libido

• energy stimulation

• increase perceptual capacity

• anti-aging of the male body (at every possible level)

Below is the list of the 11 ingredients :

No 1: D-aspartic Acid (2352 mg)

No 2: Magnesium (200 mg)

No 3: Vitamin D3 (50 mcg)

No 4: Nettle Leaf Extract 4: 1 (40 mg)

No 5: Korean Red Ginseng Extract 4: 1 (40 mg)

No 6: Fenugreek Extract 4: 1 (40 mg)

No 7: Vitamin K1 (20 mcg)

No 8: Vitamin B6 (20 mg)

No 9: Zinc (10 mg)

No 10: Boron (8 mg)

No 11: Bioperine 95% Piperine (5 mg)

In summary: Testogen does contain ingredients that - after scientific research & testing - offer a significant boost to free testosterone production. It is no coincidence that many of the above ingredients used for centuries in traditional medicine as fertility boosters, are found now in most men's supplements.

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Are the product and its website safe?

The official website supplying the specific product in the market is a well-organized website providing information on the supplement.

Navigation is quite simple and functional, with multiple payment options offered by the company (PayPal and credit cards), while the order form is completed simply by filling the customer’s details.

No problems reported in the transactions, the company did not apply any illegal charges or non-shipment of the ordered products.

The company provides its customers with a 100-day money back guarantee (in case a customer is not satisfied with the product and the results provided).

The customer has also two options on the shipment of the order:

• simple shipment: in 5-7 working days

• express delivery: in 1 - 3 working days (extra charge $ 7.49)

The delivery of the ordered products takes place immediately and always in a discreet packaging preserving user’s privacy.

As the check on the validity of the specific company and its transactions (provided all carried out in a safe environment), we dedicate some time on examining the product.

The supplement called Testogen contains only natural ingredients and no chemical, stimulant or addictive elements causing any temporary or permanent disorder in the health of the person.

More specifically, no side effects related to the product reported to date, while it does not seem to cause health problems.

Attention. This dietary supplement contains herbs probably banned for use in certain countries of the world.

Also in some cases - some of the ingredients of Testogen – might force you out of athletic activities due to the regulations of each country.

Finally, in some cases, there is the possibility of allergic reactions (due to herbs) or high tension and sleep disorders due to the stimulating action of Korean Red Ginseng.

Testogen – Is it available in retail stores?

Testogen is not available in pharmacies or retail stores with nutritional supplements.

However, its purchase is possible via other platforms, as Amazon, but not from GNC.

Nevertheless - and as is perfectly reasonable - the best (and clearly safer) way to buy it is via its official website.

This website provides information on current prices, but also on discounts / offers valid for the specific period.

To who is addressed

We have to emphasize that Testogen is a dietary supplement clearly only for men.

More specifically, Testogen is addressed to men:

• over 30 years old

• having low levels of testosterone produced

• feeling a loss of energy

• wishing to enhance their physical and muscular strength

• wishing to stimulate their lean muscle mass

• wishing to gain body volume

• trying to eliminate excess body fat (even from stubborn local fat spots)

• wishing to renew their sex life

• needing a boost of libido

• needing to fight fat in the breast area (gynecomastia)

Time for observing results

You will not see results in 3-4 days, not even in 1 week. This is true. You may see significant improvement (from the very first days of use), however if you are aiming at a noticeable change you should invest in a treatment for at least 4-6 weeks.

How I realize low testosterone levels?

A special blood test can give you the exact levels of testosterone in your organism. However, there are some indications when your organism has very low levels (warming you to take action).

Difference between Testogen and synthetic testosterone supplements

Testogen is a natural dietary supplement in contrast to all these synthetic testosterone supplements including chemical and extremely dangerous products.

Offers permanent results?

No. Testogen supplement may be a long-term solution to your problem, due to its harmless and 100% natural composition.

However, after discontinuing its administration, its possible to observe a gradual return of the original problem (depending on the type of problem of each individual).

For this reason, experts recommend the use of the supplement for a long time with short breaks at intervals (so organism is not addicted active substances of the supplement and results are suspended).

Testogen – Main disadvantage

Main disadvantage found in Testogen had nothing to do with its composition, its order and shipping, or even the results provided.

A quite negative point is the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) suggested by the company, at 4 pills / day.

The brand new product of the company

The company has just launched its brand new product enhancing the action of the existing Testogen supplement available in pill form (for oral administration).

The new product is in the form of drops and provides instant results to organism.

The liquid formula of Testogen Booster Drops absorbed even faster by organism, provides even more immediate results.

Combined with Testogen pills offers a more complete result and faster action.

Testogen Purchase & Price

Purchase: from official website www.testogen.com

Guarantees: Complete 100-day money back guarantee

Shipping costs: FREE shipping worldwide

Special Offers: keep changing in regular times (see official website)

Package price (120 capsules): $ 59.99

Financial packages:

• 2 + 1 packages (360 capsules) at final price of $ 119.99 (save $ 89.98)

  • 3 + 2 packages (600 capsules) at final price of $ 179.99 (save $ 169.96)

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