History is filled with dark secrets, and the history of science is no different. Throughout time, men have conducted horrible experiments on people, all in the same of “science.” Recently, YouTube personality Matthew Santoro gave a run-down of the most horrifying human experiments that actually happened, and their outcomes.

Many of the test subjects involved in these horrific experiments were not only unwilling, but also unaware. For example, in the Tuskegee Experiment, the U.S. government infected black men in Alabama with syphilis in order to see how the disease progressed. The men were flat-out denied treatment, even though there was a cure available, and all the men involved in the experiment died from their infection.

Other unwilling and unaware test subjects included children. For example, in the “Monster Experiment” speech language pathologists purposely ridiculed and insulted children they were treating for stutters in order to "understand" the roots of stuttering. As a result, many of the children developed severe mental and personality disorders.

Other victims of these heinous experiments included prisoners, who unfortunately throughout history have served as a steady supply of free human lab rats. These prisoners were subjected to everything from purposeful poisoning to testing out chemical weapons.

Although these horrific experiments may have been completely immoral, many of them did provide scientists with useful information. For example, take the “Digestion Experiment.” Here, a doctor purposely put food on a string into a patient's bullet hole to see the effects of digestion. Although the experiment caused the patient a great deal of pain, it helped advance digestive medicine.

Although not included in Santoro's list, some of the most heinous human experiments in history were conducted by Nazis, most notably Dr. Josef Mengele. Mengele was fascinated with twins and experimented on the many Jewish, Gypsy, Black, and other “lesser race” individuals he controlled in concentration camps. For example, according to Remember.com, a website dedicated to honoring the Holocaust, Menangle would insert dye into the eyes of children in an attempt to change their eye color. Twins were also subjected to painful and humiliating full body examinations, before they were killed and had their bodies dissected, all in the name of science.

What Dr. Mengele and the other perpetrators of horrific experiments had in common was a failure to see their test subjects as human.

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