The makers and marketers of alcoholic beverages walk a line tougher than any field sobriety test admistered by the police — promoting responsible, moderate consumption of an addictive drug implicated in a number of chronic and sometimes fatal diseases.

Imbibers of alcohol can relate to this dangerous duality. Consuming alcohol can be relaxing to the point of fun, but beyond that intoxication can lead to poor judgment that may result in injury or death.

And in the "spirit" of such a duality, Diageo — the maker of such iconic brands as Johnnie Walker, Captain Morgan, and Guinness — has released a comic video portraying the inanities of over-imbibing. With the intention of encouraging "responsible drinking," London-based Diago shames the heavy drinker while promoting awareness of its brand.

Diageo says the campaign leverages market research on the most effective means of engaging with younger adults, by using humor to garner attention. The marketing campaign begins with a video showing the symptoms of heavy alcohol intoxication, including a montage of wobbly walkers attempting to negotiate city streets and stairs during a night on the town.

Malcolm D'Sa, marketing innovation director for Diageo Western Europe, justified the promotion to reporters. "We are deliberately using humour to catch people's attention," he said. "Responsible drinking campaigns in the past have tended either to preach or to scare. There is a place for that type of message, but we began this campaign by looking at where young adults communicate."

D'Sa acknowledged the gravity of the topic, but said humor was still justified as a hook to catch attention. "We know that drinking to excess is a serious issue — but our primary concern is to be effective," he said. "The message, that drinking can have harmful consequences, is still in there and it is a strong message. We've just approached it in a different way."

The company has a history of responsible drinking campaigns and claims to be the first alcoholic beverage company to promote the behavior in television advertising with its "The Choice Is Yours" campaign in 2007. Before then, broadcasters ran dueling ads promoting alcohol products and social marketing messages regarding the consequences of alcohol consumption — but never in combination.

Diageo's "Think How You Drink" campaign has launched online, but will also involve advertising buys in Ireland, Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

The American Medical Association first declared alcoholism, known as alcohol abuse disorder by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth Edition, a disease in 1956. The organization has since issued the following definition:

"Alcoholism is a primary chronic disease with genetic, psychosocial and environmental factors influencing its development and manifestations. The disease is often progressive and fatal. It is characterized by impaired control over drinking, preoccupation with the drug alcohol, use of alcohol despite adverse consequences, and distortions in thinking, mostly denial. Each of these symptoms may be continuous or periodic."

Below is the first video in the campaign: