While most men think that biceps are what makes a man a real man, the truth is the chest (another muscle group) tends to be the most visible group amongst all the muscle groups. And while fitness experts consider it wise to focus on all major muscle groups in your body, the truth is that working out on your chest will not only get rid of man-breasts but can really show how good you look too:

So here are three chest exercises that will help you build a strong chest (that looks manly enough):

Exercise #1: Push ups

Perhaps the most basic exercise that is recommended for strength training as it is one of the most effective exercises as well. While pushups are normally considered to be excellent for the chest, the truth is that it works on your thighs, abs and back as well. One can explore several variations that have been made available once you have mastered the basic pushup.

Exercise #2: Bench presses

For this exercise, you have to lie on a straight bench with both dumbbells in hand that are extended at 90 degrees while keeping your feet flat on the floor. The starting position for this exercise is at your sides (keeping your hands straight) and one has to push the dumbbells upwards until your arms are fully extended and after a count of two, you have to bring it back down to the starting position again.

Exercise #3: Flyes

According to most experts this exercise is the best (and complete) workout for your chest, although it feels like it focuses on the chest area only. For this exercise, you have to lie down on flat on an exercise bench while gripping the dumbbells together just over your chest as the starting position. Now you have to lower the weight in an arc formation until you reach your shoulders and bring the weights up again. More importantly, keep your elbows slightly bent.