While experts place a lot of importance on maintaining a consistent exercise routine, the focus is sometimes shifted away from the training philosophy that will get you an excellent body as long you follow these basics.

Of course, the tenets of this philosophy can sometimes be misinterpreted and if one needs to understand it better, the back-to-basics approach is imperative. Since communication is an inexact science, one should be very careful not to pay attention to tips (in other words, myths) that can take you down a wrong path.

So, here are three fitness myths that are commonly considered as “must-dos” that should be ignored:

Fitness Myth #1: Perform cardio in your “fat burning zone”

Most trainers think (and often tell their students) that the best way to lose fat is by exercising in the ‘fat burning zone’ which can be achieved by brisk walking, jogging and by even standing up. And this is completely false.

The truth is that the only way you are going to burn more calories (and lose weight in the process) is by performing high-intensity exercise, with one of the best forms being interval training that alternates between high and low intensity training.

Fitness Myth #2: Sweating is the key to a successful workout

Sadly, if this was true, you could be sitting in a sauna and losing weight but the truth of the matter is that sweat is only an indicator of your body temperature rising, since the body uses the pores of your skin to cool off, and this is why one sweats.

If you truly want a successful workout, then it is important to increase the intensity of your training by using the aforementioned interval training method.

Fitness Myth #3: Don’t stop lifting weights or your muscle will turn to fat

This is one of the biggest myths that go around in training circles and nothing can be further from the truth. The concept of muscle turning into fat is just as likely as apples turning into oranges if not used for a while.

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