The popularity of oral health has been underlined by the emphasis of cosmetic dentistry on having a beautiful smile but there is much more to oral health than just that. When people meet their dentist for a basic checkup or to perform a major procedure such as a restorative one, they expect their dentists to reveal information about their oral health.

However, as some of the information might shock their patients, dentists take a don’t-ask-don’t-tell approach to revealing this information about the condition (and the corresponding dental procedure) that the patient has to deal with.

While ignorance is bliss, the better way to stay in control of your health is to ask questions to get information about your oral health that your dentist would not necessarily reveal to most of his patients.

So, here are three questions that one can begin with:

1.The condition of your gums

Since most people only spend about 30 seconds to brush their teeth every day, the plaque builds up really quickly in a matter of 24 hours is not completely removed, and if left unchecked, can lead to tooth decay, gingivitis and chronic periodontitis.

In addition, it can affect the bones that hold the teeth together which normally leads to tooth loss.

2.Ask your dentist whether they have checked for symptoms of oral cancer

The truth about this type of disease is that it is fatal, and in most cases, caused by alcohol, tobacco and other related substances. So it is best for you to ask your doctor to check for this disease which if detected in the early stages can prevent a lot of pain and help preserve before it is too late.

3.Ask for suggestions as to how you can keep your gums and mouth healthy

The condition of your gums is connected to your nerves that are connected to almost every other organ in your body. So, in other words, a healthy set of gums and teeth almost guarantees good overall health and vice-versa.