If one had to survive in a world without arms, there’s no doubt that this would be a tough ask! We use our hands for almost everything since the beginning of time, and there’s nothing better than having a pair of strong, muscular arms.

As most experts suggest, the best way by which one can get those muscular hands is by working out, and one of the most important muscle groups that one must target in order to get muscular are your triceps.

So here are three simple types of exercises (with several variations involved) that can execute in order to build bigger triceps (bigger arms):

Triceps Presses

Presses also involve straightening the arm but the only difference here is that one has to work against the resistance of gravity as well. While this exercise is performed using a pair of dumbbells and a barbell with varying weights, one can also use cable machines and so on and so forth in order to work the triceps muscles adequately.

Kickbacks/ Extensions

In general, this type of exercise focuses on straightening out the arms which in turn engages the triceps muscle group completely. If you are a beginner, it is important to start with the basic form of triceps kickbacks/ extensions before you can move on to harder variations such as Kickbacks on one leg, Skull crushers, French curls and so on and so forth.

Triceps Dips/ Pushups

Compared to earlier two types of exercise, both dips and pushups that focus on the triceps are considered to be advanced exercises as they do not just focus on one’s triceps but also on other parts of the body as well. One can execute dips by using a chair while a Swiss ball can work wonders for pushups that focus on triceps.