A recent survey conducted by Unilever deodorants has found that men would rather spend four hours having sex in an “ideal day” and three and a half working. This is probably not a surprise to many, being that men are known for having a higher sex drive than women.

The study also found that 51 percent of the men under 34 felt that they were missing out on life if they did not use up all of their time — all of the men said they were trying to find more ways to be busier.

Sixty-four percent of men also admitted to using their smartphones or tablets, and a shocking 26 percent said that they had made a to-do list when they were being intimate with their partner. And even though people are technologically more connected to others than they have been in the past, many still suffer from loneliness.

According to Dr. Sherry Turkle, Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor, online relationships are straining our personal relationships. “We are tempted to give precedence to people we are not with over people we are with,” she told the American Psychological Association's Monitor. “People talk to me about their phones and laptops as the 'place for hope' in their lives, the 'place where sweetness comes from.'"

It might be an issue of time management over a physical need because the study also noted that 70 percent of men said they would be inclined to lose some of their friends if that meant gaining more time during the day.

"The demands of modern society mean that young men are under pressure to fit more and more into their lives and are looking for advances in products and technology to allow them to do this,” said Paul O'Connor, brand manager for Unilever Compressed deodorants.

This “lack of time” that some men feel can also be linked to “38 percent believing compressed workouts are just as effective as longer gym sessions, 20 percent using their commute time to learn a new language or skill on their tablets, and 64 percent believing that such advancements in technology allow them to fit more and more into their day.”