In all its various forms, back pain has been considered to be the fifth most common reason why one visits the doctor these days, stemming from causes that can vary accidental injury to even a simple sprain or by leading a sedentary lifestyle as well.

While in most cases the back pain subsides and it is only in very few situations that one requires surgery, here are some common tips that one can use to avoid back pain:

Tip #1: Posture

When sitting, always pick a chair that has a straight-back or even a low back as well, and if you are sitting for a long time, then it is important to keep your legs at a higher levels as opposed to your hips. In the case of standing for long periods, remember to keep your stomach pulled in while also keeping your head up.

Tip #2: Exercise, exercise and more exercise

When one exercises (especially in the case of stretches) while having back pain, this increases the blood flow around the area while also sending nutrients that will facilitate the healing process much faster than normal. The common assumption of not performing light exercise being safe isn’t necessarily true.

Tip #3: Stop smoking

In a study, it has been found that nicotine restricts the flow of blood that contains important nutrients and minerals to one’s spinal disc and this will result in back pain as well.

Tip #4: Sleep on your side

Sleep is another time that you must be most careful of especially if you have back pain, and the best posture that is recommended is sleeping on your sides. If you must sleep on your back, then one should put a pillow under their knees as well as under their lower back and then sleep after that. It is suggested that one should not sleep on their stomach as this might especially be hard on their back.