Your love for food may end up giving you heartburn this holiday season. Gloria Grice, Pharm.D, an associate professor of pharmacy practice at the St. Louis College of Pharmacy has tips for you that will help you enjoy the holiday parties without the awful bloating and heartburn.

  • Avoid Caffeine - this will make you less likely to overeat. Also, drinks high in caffeine disrupt your digestive system.
  • Drink alcohol with moderation - this will keep your "good bacteria" in the guts alive plus keep the intestines in good condition.
  • Chew slowly - there will be a lot of food at the parties. However, try and chew slowly. This will make you feel full. So, by the end of all the parties, not only will you have less heartburn but you'll also keep off calories.

You might feel bloated after eating fruit pie since fruit juice, sugar and starch start fermenting in the body and cause bloating.

"Products with sodium bicarbonate or calcium carbonate work well for occasional heartburn. They neutralize stomach acid, which is usually the cause of the burning sensation. And they can be taken as soon as symptoms begin or up to an hour after a meal that you think may cause heartburn," Dr. Grice said in a college news release.

Magnesium Hydroxide can also be a good option to deal with heart burn.

"It acts quickly and neutralizes acid. However, patients with kidney disease should avoid this product. Also, it can have a laxative effect for any patient who takes multiple doses in a day," Dr. Grice said.

According to Medline Plus, certain behavior changes can also decrease heartburn:

  • Avoid bending over, exercising immediately after meals.
  • Eat dinner few hours before bedtime.
  • Eat smaller meals.
  • Avoid tight-fitting clothes or belts that squeeze your waist.

Heartburn is the painful burning just below or behind the breastbone. Heartburn symptoms must be treated in time to avoid long-term health complications.