Healthy aging refers to our successful ability to handle several changes like retirement, demise of near and dear and the physical aging process itself. Good mental health and efficient stress management will help in maintaining our purpose and zest for life.

As we age, it becomes imperative that we face the challenges of aging with resilience during the periods of joy and stress. This way we can maximize our utilization of the good times and maintain a balanced perspective during the rough time spans.

Following are some tips for accommodating the changes during aging:

1. Avoid taking things for granted - Our lives become more precious to us as we live longer because we have lost a lot of people and things by then. When we focus on things that make us grateful, we end up appreciating and enjoying what we have even more.

2. Acknowledge and express your feelings - Anger, depression and resentment happen when our feelings are contained for long. Generally a display of strong emotions is considered inappropriate and weak. We can cope with our feelings by not denying them at first and then processing the feelings by means like talking to close confidants, writing and other such healthy ways.

3. Do not stress out on things that are out of control - When things go out of our control and are not amenable to change, do not fret over them. Such limitations lose value when faced with humor and dignity. It is best to focus on things one can control like our reaction to the problem.

4. “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” - Looking for the silver lining while facing challenges is a great opportunity for personal growth. It is suggested that we reflect and learn from our mistakes that led to the stressful situation in the first place.

5. Take one small step at a time - Sweeping big challenges under the carpet only makes the problem and our anxiety grow to a phenomenal extent. Every small step in our daily actions that deal with our challenges accrues to boost our confidence and remind us that we are not powerless.

6. Healthy aging does not include depression - Older people without a strong support system get depressed when faced with life's difficult changes. The golden years of aging does not require this abnormal condition at all.