As embarrassing it is to have dark elbows and knees, most of the reasons for this to occur might be due to a lack of care and perhaps not knowing what can be done to take care of it, and prevent it from happening again.

So, here are a few tips that should help you get rid of these dark spots, and get you out of those skin-covering clothes that you wear to avoid the embarrassment:

Tip #1: Rough clothes can be a cause for dark as there is friction between the clothes and skin. So, one should use a fabric softener to soften the clothes so as to prevent the chances of this occurring.

Tip #2: Now, if you do have dark skin, one remedy is the use of cucumber slices by gently rubbing them over the dark areas on daily basis, and this will reduce the dark spots sooner rather than later.

Tip #3: Applying lemon juice is another way by which one can peel away the dark area on your elbow and knees to reveal layers of fairer and smoother skin underneath. One excellent way to do this is by heating the lemon in the microwave for a short period of time, after which one should squeeze the juice out. Once this is done, apply it on the dark areas

Tip #4: Find a moisturizer with Manuka Honey, Extrapone Nutgrass and Phytessence Wakame, which will reduce the toughness and thickness of skin by keeping it hydrated.

Tip #5: Another interesting remedy would be that of using glycerin which is effective for the removal of dirt on skin. What you have to do is mix glycerin with boiled water, and apply it on the effected dark areas on your elbows and knees for 10-15 minutes daily to find quick results.