One of the biggest skills that are considered an indicator of success is the ability of one to remain cool under pressure while also being able to resolve conflict amicably so that it is a win-win situation for all parties involved. Not only does this impact business relationships but it also involves personal ones as well, and in being able to be diplomatic can go a long way in maintaining these relationships on an even keel.

And while some people are considered to possess this gift, nothing can be further from the truth as in following these tips; one will be able to manage conflict going forward:

Tip #1: Make an attempt to speak politely with the other party especially if you feel frustrated or angry.

Tip #2: If you are experiencing rage, then it is important to hold back your words for a few days before speaking to the other person/ party involved.

Tip #3: If you are feeling negative about a situation, ensure that you discuss matters over the phone or in person and not otherwise.

Tip #4: Do not defend yourself or shut down when you feel that someone is threatening you.

Tip #5: If you are in a difficult situation, ensure that you show the person who is expressing pain, disappointment or frustration that you understand what they are saying by using the mirroring technique. This requires one to repeat the words that the other person is using in order to demonstrate that they are listening as well.

Tip #6: Try as much as possible to not blame the other party but seek to find a resolution to the problem by discussing how cooperation can be reached instead of a communication breakdown.

Tip #7: Remain objective in any argument (even though you are involved in it) in choosing to look at both sides of the argument.