Good news for tomato lovers: scientists say two glasses of tomato juice a day can keep osteoporosis away! With more than three million people suffering from the illness in UK, it is definitely some good news to the week bones of Britons.

The lycopene content, the carotenoid pigment found in the tomato is the antioxidant that already helps reduce risk of developing prostate cancer in men apart from reducing stroke risks.

To study the effects of the red fruit in those with osteoporosis, researchers at the University of Toronto, asked 60 post-menopausal women, between ages 50 and 60 to totally avoid taking tomatoes as part of their diet, and found that it led to an increase in blood levels of N-telepeptide, a chemical that is released when bones break.

Followed by this, these women were given a daily dosage of lycopene-enriched tomato juice for about four months, and found that it led to a sudden dip in the levels of N-telepeptide.

Researchers noted that the standard juice available at supermarkets were just as good as the ones used during the test.