Legendary comedian and noted pot enthusiast Tommy Chong has announced that he is cancer-free and claims he has his longtime friend Mary Jane to thank for his good health.

Chong, who helped pioneer the Grammy-Award winning comedic duo of Cheech & Chong along with fellow stoner Richard "Cheech" Marin, was told by doctors last June that he had developed prostate cancer. Last week, through a blog post on CelebStoner, Chong declared, "I kicked cancer's ass! So the magic plant does cure cancer with the right diet and supplements."

After learning of his cancer diagnosis, the Hollywood icon decided against traditional forms of treatment and sought the advice of a doctor in Canada who put him on a specified diet complete with supplements. "I also treated the condition with hemp oil (hash oil). With the diet, the supplements and the hash oil, plus a session with a world-renowned healer, Adam Dreamhealer, I'm cancer-free," he explained.

Prostate cancer materializes in the prostate gland of the male reproductive system and is the most common form of cancer in men over age 65. According to the National Cancer Institute, 2013 saw 238,590 new cases with 29,720 deaths as a result.

Researchers of a recent study dealing with the role of cannabinoids in prostate cancer analyzed the effects of marijuana on cancer cells in prostate tissue. Their results determined that prostate cancer cells contained two types of cannabinoid receptors that, when stimulated, were able to compromise the cell's viability.

Although extensive research has been conducted on the subject, neither of the U.S. Federal Drug Administrationor Centers for Disease Control and Prevention accept cannabis as a treatment of any cancer-related disease.

So what are Chong's plans after receiving his cancer-free diagnosis? "And now for a celebration joint of the finest Kush," he said.