Every year can be the best time to get fit and better. In 2019, you may be aiming to lose those extra fat or to gain some muscle to get ripped or jacked.

Any weight loss or weight gain goal requires commitment to either a strict diet or an active lifestyle. But it is better to combine both to increase the chances of getting the body you want. 

However, this will not be easy for many people because there are factors that readily affect diet and schedule for exercise, like responsibilities in the office, school or your family. Luckily, there are ways that could help you speed up the process. 

Adding some supplements to your daily routine can accelerate muscle development. Many products are already available in the market and in this report, we explore those that already received the highest ratings and positive reviews from many consumers. 

Below are the top 25 highly-rated muscle supplements for men in 2019. 

Caliber Labs Testosterone Booster
photo: Caliber Labs

Caliber Labs made this testosterone supplement pills with all natural ingredients, such as orchic substance, saw palmetto, tongkat ali, horny goat weed, boron and nettle. The product promises higher testosterone levels and increased energy to build lean, healthy muscles, especially for men with low testosterone.

Six Star Creatine X3
photo: Six Star

The effectiveness of this powdered supplement for muscle building is backed by a scientific study. Tests showed that men who used Creatine X3 gained 18.6 percent more strength in just 10 days and developed muscles over four times more compared to nonusers. The powder contains low amounts of carbs and sugar.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey
photo: Optimum Nutrition

Getting a 24g blended protein would give you whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and whey peptides to support development of lean muscle mass. Each serving of Gold Standard 100% Whey also provides naturally occurring branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), which athletes crave for because of their muscle-building properties. 

Pure Power
photo: Strong Man Supps

If you are on a keto, vegan or paleo diet, this workout supplement may work for you because of its all-natural ingredients. Pure Power contains naturally caffeinated mix, creatine monohydrate, beta alanine, sour cherry and Asian ginseng — all of which promote a faster fat-burning process, increased strength and stamina and prevent damage to muscles from inflammation. 

Universal Nutrition Real Gains
photo: Universal Nutrition

This promises better digestion through added fiber and inulin. Real Gains also contains both fast- and slow-digesting carbs and proteins to help in muscle mass development and continuous body growth.

MuscleTech Mass Tech
photo: MuscleTech

Mass Tech offers this clinically validated weight gain formula that is designed for increasing muscle size, strength and overall mass. It contains leucine, which helps preserve muscle glycogen. It also helps store and reduce protein breakdown. Mass Tech also offers high-quality protein, fast-digesting carbohydrates, less saturated fat and omega-rich fats.

Muscle Milk Pro Series
photo: Muscle Milk

This protein powder is gluten-free and contains high quality protein, calories, 20 essential vitamins and minerals. It helps in exercise recovery, provides sustainable energy and accelerates development of lean muscle. You can enjoy Muscle Milk for pre-workout, post-workout or anytime you would want a protein-rich drink.

Legion Recharge
photo: Legion Athletics

Recharge has creatine monohydrate, L-carnitine L-tartrate and corosolic acid as its three main ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help build muscle, improve recovery and reduce soreness. The product is made with natural sweeteners and no artificial food dyes or other junk fillers. 

Mr. Hyde NitroX

This promises strength, focus and more pumps. Mr. Hyde NitroX provides caffeine matrix, TeaCrine, creatine HCL and nitrosigine to help you get more energy, increased power output, enhanced strength and sustained pumps. Nitrosigine also helps improve vascularity and increases blood flow, which helps enhance the performance of muscles. 

photo: Incredi-Bull

This male performance amplifier helps reduce performance anxiety, increase vascularity and cut recovery time after each workout. INCREDIBULL also promises higher amounts of endurance and stamina levels to help you push your body toward a better performance. Effects of the product tend to last for days after initial intake.

photo: Ultimate Testo Explosion

A product of Ultimate Testo Explosion, Vitality works as a health, strength and energy booster. It contains tribulus, L-arginine, horny goat weed and saw palmetto that help build lean muscle mass, relax blood vessels and increase testosterone production. Vitality also helps speed up fat loss for a more ripped physique. 

Pure Protein 100% Whey
photo: Pure Protein

This powdered muscle building supplement was made gluten-free with high protein and low sugar content. Pure Protein supports lean muscle gains and energy boost. Pure Protein 100% Whey provides the body with premium protein and essential amino acids.

Crazy Muscle Three-Atine
photo: Crazy Muscle

These tablets are made with three types of creatine, monohydrate, alpha-ketoglutarate and pyruvate. Three-Atine promotes faster muscular absorption for increased body muscle mass building capacity, post-workout performance and shorter recovery time. Crazy Muscle says the tablets are easy to digest for both men and women, even those who follow a keto diet. 

GENEPRO Protein Powder
photo: Musclegen Research

Another gluten-free supplement that gives medical grade protein that is safe for bariatric, post-surgical patients or anyone looking to add pure protein to their diet. The people who want to build muscles but are suffering from lactose intolerance and diabetes can also take GENEPRO. It helps the body get into full anabolic and fat-burning state to keep up with the surge of insulin while also promoting muscle development through protein absorption.

Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein Powder
photo: Ascent

This provides the body with native whey or least-processed whey protein, quick digesting protein and no artificial ingredients. Ascent Whey Protein is also gluten-free and is naturally sweetened with very low amounts of sugar. It is best for post-workout drink to support faster muscle repair and recovery.

photo: BSN

This helps add quality mass to your frame with a good combination of calories, carbs and protein. TRUE-MASS was made with whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate, micellar casein, hydrolyzed whey protein and egg whites. It supports muscle recovery and growth after intense training and for people even with above normal caloric needs. 

Labrada Lean Body
photo: Labrada

It is a ready-to-drink whey protein shake that is perfect for people who are always on the go. Lean Body is gluten-free and contains zero sugar and lactose. It has 50 percent less fat and 25 percent more protein and helps in building a lean body, boostsing metabolism and supporting muscle tone and recovery. 

UMP Protein Powder
photo: Beverly International

The product helps develop lean muscle and burn fat at the same time because of its unique ratio of whey and casein proteins. UMP’s effects are known to persist for hours. It is perfect for those trying to build muscles naturally, since the powder contains zero sugar, zero aspartame, low fat and nearly zero trans fats. UMP is also easy to digest and does not cause bloating.  

Aftershock Fruit Punch
photo: Myogenix

Aftershock promotes proper anabolic window for muscle growth, glycogen replenishment and muscle recovery. It provides anabolic whey protein, fast-digesting proteins, creatine and glutamine, BCAAs, leucine and glucosamine. The product also contains strong antioxidant blend, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C and B-vitamins, along with mass building carbohydrates.

Legal Limit Labs Primal
photo: Complete Nutrition

It is known to help in testosterone production, muscle growth, muscle recovery and strength training. Originally designed for athletes, Primal is a testosterone-boosting supplement that helps maximize workouts for faster development of muscle mass. It contains maca root, saw palmetto, fenugreek seed extract and mucuna pruriens, which also help improve cognitive function, libido and overall mood.

Prevail Pre-Workout Powder
photo: Cutler Nutrition

Made with L-citrulline, alpha GPC, L-tyrosine and neurofactor, Prevail is a pre-workout energy powder that promises increased energy, tunnel-vision focus and performance. It has a clinically-backed dose of caffeine combined with L-theanine to help you stay jitter-free. The supplement also features a blend of stimulants and nootropics for controlled energy and neurosensory experience for better pre-workout.

Amazon Elements Grass-Fed 100% Whey Protein Isolate
photo: Amazon Elements

This uses 100 percent non-GMO whey protein isolate obtained from grass-fed cows. Amazon Elements also sweetened the powder with stevia leaf extract and no added or artificial sugars. It is also safe for people with food sensitivities or allergies because the protein powder is made from soy and gluten-free. 

NutraBio Muscle Matrix
photo: NutraBio

Muscle Matrix uses a blend of pure whey isolate and micellar casein that supports muscle growth for hours. The supplement also uses ingredients that are non-GMO, soy-free, low-carb, low-calorie, low-cholesterol and are low in fat. It is also rich in vital BCAAs, essential amino acids and contains no additives and no added sugar for better healthy muscle development and overall health. 

JYM Supplement Science Pro Jym
photo: JYM Supplement Science

It has blend of whey, casein and egg proteins — a known combination that helps maximize muscle-building. Pro JYM contains the clinically suggested ratio of proteins to avoid “spiking” or sudden increase of nitrogen levels and release of inaccurate protein count.

OWN PWR Elite Series
photo: OWN PWR

Another gluten-free muscle building supplement, OWN PWR Elite Series helps in development as well as maintenance of muscle mass. The protein powder supports strength training, muscle protein synthesis and development of body tissues. A single scoop will give you good amounts of whey, casein, BCAAs, leucine and glutamine.