Despite the importance of exercise being emphasized in our lives ever since we were kids (in school and so on and so forth), most folks being fully aware of the physical and mental benefits, do not take time to exercise.

And while most of the time, they think of excuses not to, perhaps a list of the top reasons why one should exercise regularly should be thought of:

Reason #1: Looking good

One of the biggest reasons why people exercise is due to the fact that they want to “get into shape”. Don’t we all want to look good? And if you answer to this question is “Yes”, then it’s time to think about following an exercise routine.

Reason #2: To live long

Being physically active causes one to circumvent the condition of obesity which increases the risk of diseases (and quite a few of them, as well). Several studies have approved of the fact that those who exercise tend to live longer than those who do not.

Reason #3: To reduce the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and blood pressure

Exercise has been known to reduce the effects of the aforementioned diseases as it is known to strengthen heart muscle, reduce body fat, promote bone growth, increase blood circulation and reduce blood pressure.

Reason #4: To increase overall strength, balance & co-ordination and productivity

Not only does rigorous exercise has been known increase overall stamina but it also enhances balance and co-ordination levels not forgetting that the risk of injury is reduced as well. According to studies, people who exercise regularly are known to be more productive and energetic when it comes to their work and daily routine.

Reason #5: Happiness

And finally, it’s true that most people who exercise experience stable moods that those who do not, and one big reason why this is so, is because whenever you exercise, feel-good hormones known as endorphins are released.