Talking about which weed strain gives the strongest THC kick reminds one of that really mundane argument about the strongest beers in the country.

Sure, the stats will tell you Chiquita Banana, Satori and Pink Stardust will trigger that special high in no time. And they do the job.

But that’s like arguing Brewmeister Snake Venom and Schorschbräu Schorschbock are the best beers in town because their 50 percent alcohol content will get you stone stupid drunk before you realize what’s happening.

You don’t aim for a THC spike or a beer high because the label says the product’s this or that. You imbibe or whatever because of the experience.

So that’s why when you go looking for the most potent strains of weed out there, choose the one that scratches that itch in you. If you want to unleash a raging creative fury in you, go for Chiquita Banana. But if you just want to slow the flow and gape at the scenery, then go ahead and do Irish Cream.

But since this is a countdown, listen to what experts have to say. Here are the world’s strongest strains based on THC levels:

1. Chiquita Banana. It’s t he consensus opinion as number one and I don’t disagree. One of the world’s strongest strains, this herb’s THC levels are somewhere in the region of 33 percent. To put that number into perspective, it’s 10 percent higher than most strains we’re used to.

It’s long been held Chiquita Banana is ideal for those doing analytical and work-related tasks. The strain has also been linked to creative highs and more relaxed inhibitions.

2. Pink Stardust. This ultra potent weed has tested as 33 percent high. It’s reserved for experienced cannabis connoisseurs, which means beginners should stay away from this Indica-Sativa marijuana hybrid.

3. Satori. This herb’s THC content reaches 28 percent max. Satori triggers a cerebral high and eases the mind while making one feel clear headed and joyful after a few puffs. If you want a quick mood boost, Satori is a great choice.

.4. Irish Cream. An Indica strain with THC levels of about 27.1 percent. It packs a delayed high, which sometimes occurs several minutes after relilshing its unique aroma. Eventually, users may feel a weightiness that starts with the eyelids and spreads slowly through the neck.

Irish Cream instills couch lock, which is a really, really great way to relax.

5. Snoop’s Dream. This indica-dominant hybrid has THC as high as 25 percent and generates a heady high.