At a time when simple exercise regimen and quick results are the order of the day, seldom does one want to waste time on a fitness regime that may not be delivering the results we seek and could even result in some injury or the other.

If you visit the gym regularly and work out on your fitness, we provide with a list of exercises that you could easily remove from your schedule and be better off with it. Check out the list of the Top-6 exercises that do not work for you…

1) The Lateral pull-downs behind your head: Shoulder joints in most people are not mobile enough to take the stress from this workout. The spine needs to be straight during this routine, failing which you could suffer a rotator cuff tear or even injure the cervical vertebrae if the bar accidentally hits the back of the neck.

2) Military press behind the head: The routine where you lift weights on a barbell up and down behind the head could result in rotator cuff tears or damage to the cervical vertebrae. If you insist on carrying on, have the trainer stand behind you to ensure fluid movement.

3) The upright row: The exercise involves pulling weights, either off a barbell or via cables, to the chin. This could result in the shoulder nerves getting compressed and causing larger damage to the rotator movement.

4) Lying leg-press with knees bent: The exercise involves lying on the back with feet resting on a weighted plate and pushing it up and down to work the quadriceps, hamstring and buttocks. If you are not careful and bend your legs too far or within, it could result in back or knee injury.

5) Squats on a gym machine: Since the bar on the machine isn’t elastic enough, people tend to get into risky positions while attempting these squats. The feet tend to move ahead of the body which automatically puts the back muscles and the spine at risk of injury.

6) Workouts with spot reduction focus: Workouts that focus on reducing fat or toning up on certain spots on the body achieve very little. While these exercises do help in firming up the muscles, there is no way it will improve your looks as isolating fat loss to a part of the body is not possible.