We all sit on the sofa from time to time and get that little feeling of guilt in the back of our minds that is telling us to get up and get active. It can be hard to get motivated and staying motivated can be even harder, but there are things you can do to get prepared and build your confidence up so that once you start your running regime, you can keep building and not be hampered by injury and other incidents that could stop your progress.

Get The Right Shoes

This is the first and most important part of anyone’s fitness regime. The same rules for running apply for anything else: If your tools and equipment aren’t good, you’re not going to get the best out of them. Buying the right running shoes are essential because they will prevent you from getting injured and set you up for a long time because they are built to last. Finding a store that sells running shoes and taking the time to try them out is every important, and some stores actually help you decide on which pair to buy by setting you up on a treadmill and guiding you through what you should be looking for. It’s an invaluable service if you can find one.

Get Your Posture Right

Another part of your running regime that will hinder you or make it a success is your posture. The way you run will make a massive difference to whether or not you will get injured but also how you will reap the benefits of running. The correct posture will change depending on your size and stature so it is important to get advice on this. There are plenty of tips online but the best ways to get this advice is to visit your doctor and your running store. By doing the same test as with your running shoes, these experts will also help you correct your posture.

Build Your Confidence

Whether you are running in the gym or the great outdoors, it is imperative not to over-do it when you’re just starting out. Sometimes it is hard not to get carried away, and if you are unfit, your ego is even more likely to kick in and make you run harder and faster. You have to look at your fitness as a long term goal, and that means building your confidence and fitness up over a sustained period of time. You will reap the benefits in the long run, and lower the risk of burn out and injury.

Set Targets

Setting yourself realistic targets is a superb way to get fit. You can instill a little competition in yourself to get that little bit faster week in and week out. It will make the running feel less like a chore and more like a challenge, and nothing builds confidence more than defeating a challenge. As long as the targets are achievable – yet still challenging – it will keep the fire in your belly burning for a long time, and set you on the road to great fitness. You’ll be running marathons in no time.

Francis Daley is a fitness fanatic who loves visiting the gym and running. He works with Simply Gym to get people active and living a healthier lifestyle.