There once was hope for the little boy born with no eyes to see, but doctors are now saying that his hope for sight will be lost forever.

The boy was born with smooth skin in the sockets of where his eyes should have been, but since he was just eight months old, little Marwanijung has loved shining a flashlight at his face because he could still sense light.

"From eight months old, he was addicted to flashing his left eye with a flashlight," said the boy's father, according to Quirky China News. "He is eager to see light, and we pray everyday that he could see the light."

When his father Madamihan and mother Salamu took him to a hospital in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang in China, they were offered a glimmer of hope: Marwanijung actually had a left eye nestled underneath the skin of his left socket.

Doctors had told Marwanijung's parents, both 26, that their son loved playing with the flashlight because he actually had a left eye, and that it was blocked by skin.

Tragically, doctors at the Army 474 Hospital are now saying that Marwanijung left eye is too sensitive for exposure and, and even if surgery uncovered his left eyeball, he would still not be able to see because his eye has no lens.

Instead, they suggested that Marwanijung go under artificial eye installation surgery once he reaches 16 years old.