If you invested in Bitcoin last year, your investment return would be up 272% by now. Your investment in cryptocurrency would have beat the growth of the total market last year, which has gone up 35%. With the recent rise, many investors are turning to cryptocurrency to diversify their portfolios and ride the wave of momentum.

Travis Bott is a visionary who is leading the wave of cryptocurrency adoption. With his firm Beyond Global, users can now earn rewards from purchases. Specifically, Beyond Global is able to offer a reward incentive that is game changing for investors. Here is the formula: users are able to amp up their earning potential when another user conducts a transaction on the platform, while also earning 5 percent cashback.

Moreover, members can make borderless transactions across the world, without any additional fees. This is a game changer because transactions across different countries/currencies can become expensive when conducting at scale. To top it off, Beyond Global has a global footprint of over six continents and ninety countries.

The biggest hurdle when onboarding customers onto a crypto platform is instilling trust. With all the numerous incidents going on, it can be tough for a customer to consider parking their hard earned money onto an exchange. However, Travis Bott built Beyond Global in a way where he instills trust with the customer from Day 1, anyone from a novice to seasoned crypto veteran feels secure on the sophisticated platform.

As far as future roadmap plans, Bott is planning on growing his platform by developing new frameworks that will streamline access to money for anyone who lives in a rural area to a big city.