Feel like your attempts to find love are thwarted by the fact that everyone around you is just looking to hook up? It may not be you. It could be the state or city you’re living in. A recent poll conducted by the mobile dating app Clover has revealed which cities and states people are looking for love in, which are hotbeds for casual dating, and which cities and states people just want to hook up in. If you’re looking for love, move to New York. If you’re looking to hook up, move to Los Angeles.

“Our goal is to build a quality mobile dating service that is one platform for everyone,” Clover said in an email to Medical Daily. “We don’t have any niche strategies or gimmicks like most of the others. We simply want to help people connect with each other, whether it’s casual dating or finding love. Many of the current mobile dating services are pretty lean on features. However, when it comes to dating, people want and need to be able to quickly hone in on who they’re looking for.”

Clover surveyed 15,000 mobile app users to determine what their intentions were for using the app. Respondents were asked if they were using Clover to hook up, find a long-term relationship, start casual dating, or just to find new friends. According to the results, while Clover users in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania are looking for a long-term relationship, people in California and Nevada are just looking to hook up. Interestingly enough, people in Chicago are frequenting the dating app simply to find some new friends, while Houston residents are looking for a casual date.

Find out what kind of relationship people in your city or state are looking for:

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