A Houston woman is upset after finding that her belly button was removed during a tummy tuck and hernia repair operation, reportedly without her knowledge or consent.

Last December, Lori Jones underwent a tummy tuck procedure and an operation to remove a herniated umbilical cord to help repair some damage she had sustained from having multiple C-sections, The Daily Mail reported. According to Medical News Today, umbilical hernia occur when fatty tissue pokes through the area near the belly button, and is more common in women who have had multiple pregnancies. The 45-year-old mother told KTRK that she also wanted the tummy tuck to get rid of some “baby fat” and get her into shape for the summer. However, it was not until several weeks after the operation when Jones removed the bandages that she realized the true extent of her procedure. The operation had left her completely without a belly button.

“I said well damn. Wait, where is my belly button?” Jones told KTRK. “I went in with the belly button and I'd like to know what you did with it? What happened to it? Did you throw it in the trash? Where is it?”

According to The BBC, losing a belly button during an operation to repair an umbilical hernia is not an uncommon occurrence. However, Jones claims she was only told that her belly button would need to be repositioned due to the scar tissue that covered the area. The Texas mother still maintains she was never made aware of the risk that she might completely lose her belly button.

Jones’ surgeon, Dr. Younan Nowzardan, is a renowned Houston plastic surgeon and is internationally known for his appearances on the TLC series "My 600 Lb Life" as a gastric bypass surgeon. According to Nowzardan, he had discussed the possibility of losing the belly button with Jones prior to the operation. Once he began working on her stomach he realized there was nothing he could have done to save the area and that completely removing her belly button was inevitable.

“We can call Hollywood and get an Oscar nomination for her,” Nowzardan told KTRK, insinuating that her ignorance was an act.

Although Nowzardan told Jones that he would be able to create a new belly button for her once the scars had healed, Jones told KTRK that she’d rather settle her complaint in court. Jones claimed to have already contacted an attorney and plans to sue Nowzardan.

“I don’t like it, and for them to act like it's nothing, that’s what’s really bothering me,” said Jones.