A Turkish man has garnered international attention since the news outlet Hurriyet released a video detailing his latest attempt to quit smoking. The Daily Mail reports that 42-year-old Ibrahim Yücel, frustrated with traditional cessation methods, finally decided to take matters into his own hands, and set to work designing one of the most drastic measures ever.

After 26 years of smoking, Yücel has decided to lock his head in a cage.

Where traditional methods usually rely on a careful, gradual reduction of nicotine intake and sheer willpower, Yücel’s innovative device requires little more than the smoker’s consent – if that. Every morning, he has his daughter help him lock it and confiscate the key before she leaves for work.

The cage, which can only be described as a horror movie prop, completely encloses his head in an impressive network of brass wires that no fingers or cigarettes can fit through.

Yücel, who has purportedly smoked two packs a day since his sixteenth birthday, decided it was time to kick the habit once and for all when his fathered died of lunch cancer.

At first, his family was concerned about the unique contraption. However, they soon realized that the cage might be exactly what he needs in order to finally give it up.

That being said, most of the residents in the western Kutahya neighborhood will need some time to get used to the unusual display.