The 2015 health and wellness trends are in — or at least Well+Good’s are — and it looks like we’ll be taking back cardio, sipping on roast chicken bones, and finding our way into the fitness equivalents of Barneys, while still sipping on green juice, eschewing sugar, and posting food porn on Instagram.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, how did the global health landscape fare in 2014? According to the journal Science, pretty good. There’s considerable work to be done in the realm of communicable diseases, and reproductive, maternal, and child health, but researchers believe the overall landscape looks more promising than ever.

We figured we’d ride this same wave and look back on the health and wellness advice that’s been given this year, and the year before, and the year before that. OK, we don’t go back so many years, but we definitely focused on what’s persisted. While we’re genuinely interested in Well+Good’s advice, we know a lot of similar insight doesn’t exactly hit home. In fact, some of it is so impractical it dares us to do the opposite.

There’s no universal approach to greater health and wellness — we get that. Heck, we’ve seen the science. But there are some tips it's time to retire.

Here are the 10 health tips we want to be done with in the New Year.