Chinese police have charged two people of the hit and run incidents of 2-year-old Wang Yue, a girl that was left for dead on a narrow market street of Foshan in southern China after two hit and run accidents.

Multiple passersby went past the little girl’s body as she lay bleeding profusely, showing little or no reaction or attempts to call for help.

Wandering in the alley outside her father’s hardware store, Yue was run over by two trucks, one right after another. The truckers then fled the scene but have now been taken into custody.

The toddler was injured two weeks ago on October 13th and had been taken to a hospital in Guangdong, succumbing to severe injuries Yue was announced dead Friday morning.

Surveillance camera footage showed many bystanders walk passed the little girl..

The passerby’s lack of sadness or concern, and indifference has sparked outrage in the media and online.

After more than 10 minutes, Chen Xianmei, a 58 year-old rubbish collector placed her rubbish down, moved the toddler to the curb, and called for help.

The incident has sparked criticism of the Chinese legal system. Other accusations have blamed both society and the government of failing to educate its people on the respect for human life and dignity.

Warning: Graphic Footage of the Incident

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