The lack of physical activity and a bad posture results in one experiencing back pain, and are some of the most common reasons why one ends with a bad back.

While the obvious suggestion by most people would be to get more physically active (which means to exercise), it is always best to consult with a physician before you try doing any back exercises, especially if the pain is excruciating.

On the other, if you do feel that your back feels a bit tight or sore from all that sitting (which does nothing for your back), here are three simple exercises that one can execute in a unhurried fashion in order to stretch and strengthen your back:

1.Cat Stretch

This exercise will help one release tension in the back and shoulders and are excellent for the spinal and paraspinal muscles.

The starting position of this exercise is to get down on your knees and palms, with your hips under your knees and your hands under your shoulders and they should be aligned.

Arch your back and inhale slowly while you lift your head to the ceiling until you can stretch no more, and count to three. Now bring your chin slowly back down to your chest and don’t forget to exhale during the downward motion.

Repeat the upward and downward movement for another 4-5 breaths.

2. Cobra Stretch

This exercise is good for not only the back but are ideal for your abdominals and chest as well.

Lie flat on your stomach, with your forehead to the ground. Place your palms on the ground under your shoulders with your hands best.

Arch your back by looking up at the ceiling (very slowly) until you cannot stretch anymore and wait for 20-30 seconds.

Bring yourself back to starting position by lowering your head.