When you are depressed, figuring out why seems to be difficult. In majority of cases, depression can be caused by not just a single reason. It actually results from combinations of reasons such as your genes, past events, current situation and different risk factors.

Below are some of the few causes of depression


We actually don’t know what happens inside the brain when depression kicks in. Nevertheless, studies show that specific parts of the brain fail to work normally. It can also be caused by the change in the chemical levels in the brain which are more known as neurotransmitters.

Health Conditions

Different conditions like cancer, thyroid problems, heart disease, chronic pain and others increase the risk of depression.


Researchers have claimed that if your family has a depression history, your chances of being depressed is high.

Trauma and Grief

Grief and trauma can trigger depression in an instant. Physical, mental or emotional abuse, especially during childhood, can cause depression more than anything else.


Studies have shown that women are more likely to be depressed compared to men. No one has answered accurately why. Hormonal changes may be a huge factor for this one as women go through different changes in their lives.

Stress and Changes

Depression can kick in during stressful times. Changes like having a divorce or leaving your old house can also trigger depression badly.


Older people are at a higher risk of being depressed. This can be incorporated with factors such as lack of social support and living alone.

Medications and Substances

Different prescription drugs can result to depression symptoms. Substance abuse or even alcohol is typical for depressed people. This worsens the condition.

There are people who have a clear sense of why they are depressed and there are also those who fail to do so. The important thing to learn from this is that depression is not your own fault. It’s actually a disease that may affect merely anyone. Whatever is its cause, one thing is certain: there are different ways to treat depression.