Speak now or forever hold your “pieces” should have been the matrimonial tagline uttered during a wedding in Hutton, England, after a “berserk” man chopped off his testicles before the vows could be read.

The incident occurred at the All Saints Church in Essex, located 20 miles northeast of London. Guests arriving for the wedding were surprised to find the church doors closed, but despite the vicar’s attempts to deny entry, a few were able to gain access to the scene.

“There was blood all over the floor just outside the church. When I went in there it was like someone had been murdered. There was blood everywhere,” a wedding guest recounted to the Brentwood Weekly News. “When I went in the church, I saw something on the floor which I could only describe as flesh, which I thought was part of his arm but that was one of his testicles.”

According to reports, the man had castrated himself with a pair of scissors and entered the church about an hour before the wedding began. Once inside, he wildly tossed chairs around and went “berserk," according to the vicar.

The betrothed couple had not yet arrived, and although the police wanted to cordon the church as a crime scene, the ceremony was ultimately held… without the bride’s knowledge of preceding events.

“There was a bit of an atmosphere,” the witness said. “The bride didn’t know anything about it, I’m sure she does now. But it took place. I’m surprised the vicar held it all together.”

The man was taken to the hospital to treat his self-inflicted wounds, and is expected to receive a mental evaluation as well.