When it comes to the brain, we may know which foods boost brain power and how it plays an intricate role in our overall brain health. However, there are some best kept secrets of the 3-pound mass of gray and white matter between our ears, which leave neuroscientists dumbfounded. The folks over at Alltime10s count down the top 10 unsolved mysteries of human brain that really makes us think about the billions and billions of neurons inside.

10. Why Do We Get Déjà Vu?

Most of us, at one point or another, get the feeling we have already experienced a moment. This eerie feeling remains unexplained by neuroscientists. It's difficult for scientists to study because of the fleeting and unpredictable nature of the sensation.

9. Why Do Brain Cells Die In Alzheimer’s Patients?

Scientists suspect a protein called “tau” — buildup inside nerve cells — is responsible for the death of brain cells in these patients. It is not known exactly how tau is able to attack the brain.

8. Why Does Music Trigger Emotion?

When we listen to a song, we tend to associate it with a certain emotion, and occasionally move our bodies according to the beat. Scientists know music has no benefit to survival, but it still manages to trigger emotional and physical reactions in human beings. Theories for this include music imitating human speech or bodily movements.

7. What Is Consciousness?

Consciousness is our brain’s ability to processes information so we can experience the world around us. However, this doesn’t explain why our experiences are subjective.

6. How Do Specialized Areas Of The Brain Integrate With One Another?

We do know parts of the brain have particular areas of focus. What is not known is how the brain binds these elements to provide our single view of the world.

5. Why Do We Dream?

Scientists have theorized dreaming allows us to solve problems we have faced in the day. Others suggest dreaming helps give our minds a mental workout.

4. How Does Our Brain Understand Time?

While sound travels faster than we process vision, our brain is still able to synchronize the two. Once scientists understand how we do this, it could help us counteract disorders like dyslexia.

3. What Is Intelligence?

It remains a big mystery how the brain’s neurons are able to solve problems. The storage and manipulation of knowledge is a mystery, including why some people are smarter than others.

2. How Can We Simulate The Future When Forming Plans?

The technology we use to study the brain focuses on the present. We are not yet able to understand how we are able to second guess future events.

1. How Do We Store And Recollect Memories?

The brain undergoes a physical change each time we learn a new fact. However, there is no explanation as to how we can recall information at will.